antique Chinese teapot
The Way of Chuck:
So the sage nurtures all men
And abandons no one.
He accepts everything
And rejects nothing.
He attends to the smallest details.

September 30, 2008

Thank you and good night

It is with mixed emotions that I close the doors on Tao Te Chuck.

While I'm sad to see this site go away, I sincerely believe that this is something I need to do in order to move forward with some of my personal hopes and dreams.

I will not stop looking at the world around me, and I certainly won't stop telling stories. I'm just going to try telling them in some new places and some different ways. (I will still be posting regularly at Pratt Songs, just in case you're into snarky record reviews.)

I've made a few good friends -- and I don't use that word loosely -- because of this web site, and I thank each of you for staying with me on this journey. Don't be surprised to find a story or three filling up your email every once in a while!

I send love to all of you, and may your lives be filled with thousands of beautiful Words.